Pine tar on the hand = Asterisk in the record books

(Email sent to an ESPN columnist in response to his article),
This is a great article.  I was waiting patiently for a columnist to present this case with all the evidence.  MLB is obligated to investigate this.  They will absolutely have to issue Kenny Rogers with the an asterisk. What he has accomplished during the 2006 postseason,  "ran his 2006 postseason scoreless streak to a previously un-Rogers-like 23 consecutive innings. Four more shutout innings and he ties the legendary Christy Mathewson for the all-time single postseason record", must never be entered in any record books. 
MLB should exercise the right to investigate the hats Kenny has worn in games he pitched throughout the postseason.  His left hand made contact with the brim of his cap before every pitch.
Please help us save the integrity (or what’s left) of America’s past time.  He must be suspended for the rest of the post season.   
Thank you for taking the time to read this email


Case and Point.

Apparently, I am not the only one with suspicions about the hat.

Petition for an investigation of Kenny “The Gambler” Rogers

Below you will see something I posted in and ALCS blog.  This comment referred to Game 3 of the ALCS, Oakland vs. Detroit.

The pictures all over the internet will display a substance on his left hand during the ALDS, ALCS, and now the World Series.  This is a travesty, and MLB will have to investigate this in order to save the integrity of the game.

I think we should petition to analyze Kenny Rogers’ hat. Why is he allowed to wear a different hat?

The underside of his hat brim is a dark color instead of the standard white/gray of major league hats.

The only reason I can see for a hat with those characteristics is to hide the substance on the underside of the brim and more importantly Kenny’s fingers.

Like the great Lou Piniella mentioned during the tv broadcast, some pitchers would do/use anything for their fingers in cold weather (ex. pine tar).

(posted by an obvious, biased fan)


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